Integrate Charts into estimate pages

If doing something like this, highlight it by using it.

Chart Legend

1= Minimal
2= Marginal
3= Moderate
4= Significant
5= Severe

Look At

Abilene Paradox

Everyone talks about "overcoming disagreements" among teams
This guy states that consensus is just as difficult to reach as disagreement (?)

Jigsaw Teams

Have groups and then secondary groups -- that way we all approach the questions with similar but varied perspectives.
  • Responsible for generating an estimative document on diseases --
    • What is likely to evolve with respect to disease?
    • What diseases are likely to go where?

To Do

  • Cold call people to double check estimates on Mongolia, etc. (Entire Region)
  • Methods and Process Team: create outline for report, basically just a lessons learned document (look at old one)
  • Update Chart


Annual Threat Assessment of the Director of National Security


**Lots of new stuff in the library!
"Obligations of Privilege" NYTimes -- (sounds good)