What we did:

Started our SFARs
Set up country, region, team, group pages
Resources Page

What we are going to do:

At least one SFAR per country
SFAR/Estimate Review Processes. Internal, class, professor
Team meeting to brainstorm questions for Dr. hague (NOT questions we can find the answer to) (Check his bio and publications)
Meet with Dr. Hague
Continue editing and posting SFARs
Continue formatting wiki
Begin formulation of regional estimate (look for patterns that no one has seen before)
(Check local economies, humanitarian workers, etc)

What we need?

What our SFARs should focus on (Trends and patterns) (people who have regional impact)
SFAR Feedback (Focus on multiple short reports)
Timeline feedback (timeline is good)
Regional advice

Breckenridge-Middle East
Pat Lynch-Sri Lanka

What do we need? what can people bring to this project?
Pete-possible Undergrad talent scout
What do we want people we bring in to do? estimates? Alternate products (video, audio, etc)?
Id people who can help.
Make the pitch. Personal approach.