Helping the World by Thinking

One person will brief from each team:
What have we been doing?
What are we gonna do?
What do we need Wheaton to do?

Expectations of Group:
Some sort of internal review (fact and estimate checking) of reports -- up to Geographic Team to decide
Then needs to go somewhere (up to Editorial Team) for input from group
Methods and Procedures Team needs to check for logic
Then needs to go somewhere as final

Chronic and Infectious Diseases
Enter on a country by country level
Repetition is okay

Tech -- how engage wiki people?
Editorial -- how source? Decide by Friday.
Collection -- HUMINT sources (foreign nationals within the undergrad and grad programs)
Methods and Procedures -- also focus on methods (SNA of diseases, SACH) -- start a page on SNA?

Concept of playing things back to decision maker (neuro linguistic programming: people like people who are like themselves)
Give people the terminology they used -- reaffirm that "we listen to you" and heard what they said
(Creates sense of trust and feeling of "we heard you")
Address "infectious" and "chronic" -- *human diseases only* (Can do Avian Flu)
Only look at abroad
"Including but not limited to: economic, military, etc. ..."
When listing methodologies, always say "possible but not limited to" or "among others" -- don't trap ourselves into methodology
Play back Eliz. Moore's format? Let her see, "Oh, they made it better, clearer, more complete" and not "different."
EM now saying 10 - 15 yrs. not 2020

To Do:
Timeline when we will be finished with country level reports and regional level reports by Friday.
Decide on Expectations by Friday.
Functional Team: three questions
***Settle Terms of Referenc by Friday -- get together rep. from each group and settle -- let Wheaton know when it's on Wiki