Rules for Wikification:

1. Put everything on the Wiki
A. Contribute early and often
B. Don't be afraid to tinker
C. Collaborate

2. Create a team page.

Conceptual modeling: a way of thinking about a problem. It's a framework, or maybe even the mortar and bricks that build the framework.

Models have to exist at multiple levels.
Integration is necessary of the different levels.

Who does conceptual modeling?
--It starts with supervisors.

Situational leadership:
sees world on 2 axes: 1 is amount of direction, the other is the amount of support
Divides world into 4 quadrants because of that...low-low, low-high, high-low, high-high

low support-high direction: directing...rigid template..."do this"...low-skill requirement
high support-high direction: coaching
high support-low direction: mentoring...dealing with more capable people, who need support from leaders
low support-low direction: delegating...colleague relationship

high support, low direction: mentoring
high support, high direction: coaching
low support, low direction: delegating
low support, high direction: ordering

Started with dividing group geographically
How else to divide it?
it is a notional way to divide the project

How do we go about finding the notion:
Four functional areas:
Methods and process
One person from each team needs to handle each of these elements.

Find a time for content, geography team to meet on Friday with Prof. Wheaton--forty minutes
Find a time for form team to meet without Prof. Wheaton

Editorial team: lot of work up front, style questions. What heading, italics, etc. Role slowly decreses as people get used to format
Tech team: same thing. Lots of work up front, declining toward the end. How do we do this thing, etc.
Methods & Process: how do we analyze this kind of data. someone who helps people find out how to do what they need to do. watching the process of how this works. How to make a wiki work. little work up front, more work at the end.
Collection: ensuring that X team knows what Y team has. Special collection: set people up with others who are good at finding the info needed.
Set up team pages for functional team as well.

What is the question?

exercise: Exec sum for one country in region