1. Addressed issue of Lance Ramsey Excel spreadsheet of the US national security strategy interests in the NIE's target countries. Assessing the expressed US strategic interest in each country will, at a minimum, let analysts focus on what US decision makers have said is the US interest in each country -- then region. All M&P team members agreed to approach the wiki with a scaleable set of criterion and discussed how to standardize procedure.

2. Aware of the US interest in a country/region, we must then address the severity of the interest and impact. To what degree with chronic and infectious diseases affect the US interest there -- mildly to severely? Here are the five goals of the US interest in country X, to what degree will disease affect each?
  • Decide on scale: If using a 1-5 scale, what is a one? What's a 5?
  • Decide on what scale means

Numbers behind the estimate will bring continuity to the NIE and make it difficult to ignore. Increases chances of being published.

Three-legged stool:
1. Health Care System
2. Chronic and Infectious Diseases
3. US National Interest

Need a chart of the world and the scale of chronic and infectious diseases. Mortality rates ranking, etc. Either find it or create it.

In social sciences, called the "Coding Problem" -- classic problem, fundamental research issue. Have to get over it -- yes, it's subjective -- deal with it.

Establish the chart with respect to available data -- then give analyst the ability to change the numerical ranking within one degree. System for allowances if need to address moving it more.


1. Status of Public Health Care Systems in countries (2000 Global Health Report?)
2. Countries' exposure to chronic and infectious diseases -- use mortality rates per 100,000 people (could serve as proxy) or HALE Rates?

To Do:

  • Each Geographic Team needs to fill in its region on the Excel chart of US Strategic Interests by 12 Friday 2007.
    • Need to standardize who will update chart (and how) -- to avoid conflicting versions.
  • Get databases we need and rank order countries of the world by 12 Friday 2007.
  • Save Excel sheet to individual geographic team pages and manipulate according to team stats. Do NOT link to original (main) chart. M&P team will meet and combine charts.