Meeting Agenda

1. Brainstormed to define the Methods and Procedures (MP) Team's role in guiding wiki.
  • Consensus centered on team's role in guiding analysis to keep all geographic teams producing analysis of the same quantity and quality.
  • Team members agreed to spur early analysis immediately.

2. John and Ashley, representatives from China and Central Asia (CCA) proposed their team's Analytic Framework as a starting point for initiating early analytic products.
  • MP team approved Analytic Framework as a solid starting point for all teams to coordinate analysis.

3. MP team engaged Prof. Wheaton for commentary.
  • Wheaton felt proposed framework is a good approach.
  • All agreed presence of framework should be addressed in class.
  • All felt the next step (to begin analysis) incurs input from the Editorial and Techinical teams to establish a consistent format for the wiki.
* Wheaton said he intended to discuss the format issue in class.

4. MP team members popped in on the Editorial team to give them a "heads-up" on the issue. Editorial team was already on top of it.