Teams = Geo. Teams
Functional = Subject Committees

Stakeholders assigned: Names from Elizabeth Moore (EM)

1. SEA: Tio Totaro, Pacific Command, 925.875.4509
2. CCA: Ray Lester, St. Dept., 202.647.3345
3. RUS: Chris Decker 703.482.1217
4. MENA: Jim Wilson, DHS, 202.360.7147
5. AFRICA: Laura Kelly, Drafting the NIC paper, 410.549.4496
6. NASA: Sit in on another teams

Wheaton needs to be there -- do them as teleconferences.
1. We've been given their names to contact
2. Pick their brains for what they know and want to know

Trying to get insight into question: social, demographic, economic...

WHO: World Health Org.
EM said there was too much WHO info in the 2002 NIE -- but we need to be aware of it all anyway.
2006 numbers are already up.
Mine this site. Really need to know what's there.

Accelerated Analysis:

*Go ahead and start thinking about analysis.***
As with summer project: start early -- have my team divide countries and draft SFARs on status of countries' diseases and health care systems. Talk with team about this -- post graduating SFARs to wiki. Do a mind-map.

Approach: How do I analyze country X? Though we haven't specified overarching ques. yet, get started from ground up.

Terms Of Reference: Formal statement of requirements. Drives product.

*Not specific to Intelligence Community -- across business, etc.
Extract as much info from DM as possible to help them prioritize what they want, to focus product/deliverables.
Strategy: Elizabeth Moore > Have discussions with HUMINT contacts > Organize into TOR.

DM and TOR:
1. Help DM focus via explicit or implicit means.
2. Narrow focus/vague requirements: "best, most, strategic implications" -- break down and force DM to define.
3. Extract priorities
4. Fashion TOR to give it all back to DM. *If completely wrong, helps b/c DM will come back because will "know it when they see it" that they want "more" of this/that, etc.

*Budget Exercise: Excell Spreadsheet per team posted by 08 DEC 06

1. Time devoted ($100/hr. per person) -- typically btwn 500-700 hrs. for undergrads
2. Equipment/Cost
3. Office space/Cost: Erie or DC prices
4. Overhead (parking, Misc.): 20% of other costs tallied
5. Other things can include...

Management: Exploit Strengths -- don't try to overcome weaknesses


1. Time: "What We'll Be Dying Of"
2. PLoS Medicine: "The National Security Implications Of HIV/AIDS"
3. New Scientist: "Rules of Contagion"
4. Terms of Reference Guide

To Do:

1. Call and set up meeting with Ray Lester
2. Find someone with international presence to lend insight into document requirements. Interview them -- one person per team. Wheaton doesn't need to be there for this interview.
3. Post budget exercise by 08 DEC 06
4. Post draft TOR by 08 DEC 06
5. Read: Global Burden Of Disease, Info in back of Rm. 117, International Crisis Group -- publish a monthly Crisis Watch (Indication And Warning INW) rankings. Lists all sources.